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Welcome to Joan Louise Philanthropy, a consulting group that is here to support and guide you on your philanthropic journey. We are passionate about empowering individuals and organizations to make a positive and lasting impact in their communities.


Led by our founder, Christine Aranyos Prouty, our mission at Joan Louise Philanthropy is clear: we want to help you unlock your potential as a force for change. With a deep understanding of the philanthropic landscape, Christine firmly believes in the transformative power of philanthropy. She is dedicated to assisting community members like you in navigating this rewarding path with purpose, integrity, and compassion.


At Joan Louise Philanthropy, we know that philanthropy goes beyond writing a check. It's about strategically aligning your values with impactful giving, forging meaningful partnerships, and driving sustainable solutions. We are here to be your trusted advisor, providing expert guidance and customized strategies that align with your unique goals and aspirations.


We believe that by working together, we can create a better world. Every step you take on your philanthropic journey matters, and we are committed to walking alongside you, providing the support and expertise you need to maximize your impact.


Whether you are an individual seeking to make a difference or an organization aiming to enhance your philanthropic initiatives, Joan Louise Philanthropy is here to help. Let's join forces and make a positive and lasting difference in our communities. Together, we can achieve remarkable things.



I'm Christine. I am dedicated to guiding individuals and organizations on their philanthropic journeys. With a passion for empowering individuals, my mission is clear—to help people make a positive and lasting impact in their communities. I firmly believe that philanthropy has the power to drive meaningful change, and I use my extensive knowledge of the philanthropic landscape to help community members navigate this rewarding path with purpose, integrity, and compassion.

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